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Each stone is unique both in colour, texture and form so that each heater is a truly individual piece.

All components have German VDE certification

Our panel heaters are certified according to the international IEC60335-2-30 standard

Features Heaters

Model Power Approximate Consumption (KWh) Approximate Yield
HE 450 450W 0,27 - 0,31 de 9 a 12 m²
HE 600 600W 0,36 - 0,40 de 12 a 16 m²
HE 800 800W 0,48 - 0,54 de 16 a 18 m²
HE 1200 1200W 0,72 - 0,80 de 18 a 24 m²

Ideas and design

In the bedroom, pairing natural heat with stylish design.

In any place where you want to combine a surrounding temperature with an environment like no other.

At home, ideal for the living room, dining room, drawing room, the favourite corner.

In the bathroom or kitchen the heater can be combined with stone floors.
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