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In the Mapudungun or Mapuche languages:= means Hot and= means Stone, = Hot Stone .
- ® is the new concept in electric heating systems manufactured with German technology.
The heaters are electric wall panel convectors, made ​​of natural flagstone. The electrical system, integrated into the Chilean stone, is made ​​by a specialist company in the city of Dresden, Germany.
All components have German VDE certification.
Heaters are available with the following options of power usage: 450W, 600W, 800W and 1200W.
Our panel heaters are certified according to the international IEC60335-2-30 standard, with the chilean SEC seal.
Each heater is unique and inimitable made of selected natural stones which have not been designed or modified, providing efficient, clean, safe, comfortable, quiet, decorative and economical heating.
Our heaters have an estimated lifespan of 20 years.

Ideas and design

In the bedroom, pairing natural heat with stylish design.

In any place where you want to combine a surrounding temperature with an environment like no other.

At home, ideal for the living room, dining room, drawing room, the favourite corner.

In the bathroom or kitchen the heater can be combined with stone floors.
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